Tips and Tricks for Angular

Add cache busting to ngx-translate i18n files

The problem: translation files cache is not refreshed after deploy.


  1. Install ngx-build-plus, this allows to add custom Webpack partial configs.
  2. Update angular.json to use ngx-build-plus as builder. Replace all instances of @angular-devkit/build-angular:browser with ngx-build-plus:browser.
  3. Create webpack.partial.js.
  4. Update package.json to use the new Webpack partial
  5. Update ngx-translate TranslateHttpLoader config to use the i18n hash.

Build with zero downtime on Angular

The recommended way to have zero downtime it's using dockerized builds with a docker registry service. In case that this isn't possible in your project, here you have a quick fix.

Create this folders on /dist:

  1. /dist/previousbuild
  2. /dist/nginx (the new production path)

package.json add on scripts section:

"prebuild": "rm -rf dist/previousbuild",
"build": "ng build --prod --source-map --optimization=true --buildOptimizer=true --progress=true",
"postbuild": "mv dist/nginx dist/previousbuild && mv dist/tempbuild dist/nginx",

angular.json add on projects -> *projectname* -> architect -> build -> options:

"outputPath": "dist/tempbuild",

And the result:

  1. on build starts, the folder previousbuild will be erased
  2. the new build will be created on tempbuild
  3. when the new build is done, the previous production build will move to previousbuild and the new one will be on nginx folder
  4. in case that you need to recover the previous version, you only need rename the two folders