InMemoryDataSource<T> is a key-value storage that implements GetDataSource, PutDataSource and DeleteDataSource storing values as live references during the instance life cycle.


val dataSource = InMemoryDataSource<Double>()
dataSource.put("pi", 3.14159265359)

Note that the example above is using the extension methods of DataSoruce that encapsulate queries of type IdQuery<T>.

Query Types

All queries must adopt the KeyQuery interface as the InMemoryDataSource<T> is based on a key-value pattern.

Object Types

Any object of type T can be stored in a InMemoryDataSource<T>, and there are no restrictions of type.

Implementation Notes

All objects and arrays are stored in dictionaries that are kept alive as long as the InMemoryDataSource<T> instance is alive.

Objects interfaced with the get, put and delete functions are stored in separate dictionaries than arrays of objects interfaced via the getAll, putAll and deleteAll functions.

class InMemoryDataSource<V> @Inject constructor() : GetDataSource<V>, PutDataSource<V>, DeleteDataSource {
// get, put delete
private val objects: MutableMap<String, V> = mutableMapOf()
// getAll, putAll, deleteAll
private val arrays: MutableMap<String, List<V>> = mutableMapOf()
[ ... ] // The rest of the class implementation