Injection Provider

The OAuthProvider class is an interface for the dependency injection definition:

// TypeScript
export interface OAuthProvider {
clientModel(): OAuth2BaseModel;
userModel(getUser: GetOAuthUserInteractor, loginUser: LoginOAuthUserInteractor): OAuth2UserModel;

It exposes two methods, one for obtaining a OAuth2BaseModel and a OAuth2UserModel.

Currently, there is only one implementation of that provider (described below), but new implementations can be provided if required.

1. OAuthSQLProvider

An SQL based implementation of the OAuthProvider.

// TypeScript
export class OAuthSqlProvider implements OAuthProvider {
private readonly sqlInterface: SQLInterface,
) {}
public clientModel...
public userModel...

Required on its constructor, there is a SQLInterface, which is going to be the entry point to the SQL database.

Also, the database must conform to the SQL Schema defined in: