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Before you start to work with Harmony, you need to know and understand some concepts. Also it's important to have some background related with the platform. One of the greatest things of Harmony is that it allows to switch beetwen platforms very easy because the concepts are the same and the implementation is similar.

Clean Architecture

Harmony is based on clean architecture. Clean architecture has 3 different layers: application, domain and data. Each layer has one responsability. Also, they are connected to each other but got boundaries.

Application layer

Application or presentation layer will include all views and also specific platform stuff.

Domain layer

Domain layer will include all business logic and interact between Data and Presentation layer by means of interface and interactors.

Data layer

Data layer will include POJOs and means to get Data from cloud or local storage.


You need Android Studio or Xcode for mobile platforms. For iOS or MacOS you also need CocoaPods installed in your system. We recommend PHPStorm as IDE for backend PHP development